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Phoenix Hit-And-Run Car Accident: Man Washes Car in Cover-up

On Thursday in Phoenix, Arizona, a man was arrested for his suspected involvement in a fatal hit-and-run car accident that took place earlier this month, from which a female pedestrian was killed.

Phoenix Police Department officials stated that the crash occurred on March 3 near Northern Avenue and 11th Street, when 45-year-old Christopher Wakefield Chevalier drove his red, two-door 1984 Alfa Romeo convertible onto the sidewalk, striking 41-year-old pedestrian Anna Blaze.

Maricopa County Superior Court documents indicate that police suspect that Chevalier then drove away, leaving the injured Blaze on the sidewalk.

Emergency personnel arrived on scene and transported Blaze to the hospital with severe injuries, where she later died.

Court documents indicate that after leaving the scene, Chevalier contacted his attorney before showing up at the police station the following morning, his attorney stating that Chevalier's car may have been involved in the collision.

According to the documents, the suspect parked the car in his garage which hid it from view at his house near Roeser Road and 21st Place in South Phoenix. Upon inspection of the car, Police found it to have the windshield missing, which was later recovered in a nearby garbage can, along with evidence that the vehicle had been cleaned after the hit-and-run.

Chevalier refused to answer questions at the police station, and was arrested after being identified by a witness in a photo lineup.

He is now facing charges of manslaughter, tampering with physical evidence, and fleeing the scene of a fatal accident.

The documents indicate that it is still unclear if Chevalier was under the influenc drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash.

Blaze is survived by her 14-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son.

As a Phoenix car accident lawyer, it is so disappointing and sad to see a story like this.

It is incomprehensible how, in an attempt to escape blame and consequences for their poor actions, there are individuals that could leave the scene of an accident, especially when they themselves were the ones that inflicted serious injury upon the victim.

Our Phoenix car accident law firm offers our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the woman who was killed in this tragic incident.

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