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Arizona Parachute Accident: 2 Navy SEALs Injured During Training

On Thursday, two Navy SEALs were injured during a parachute training accident at Pinal Airpark in Marana, Arizona.

According to the United States Special Operations Command, the incident took place that day at the airfield to the northwest of Tucson at around 12:30 p.m.

A spokeswoman for the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, Tamra Insoll, stated that deputies received calls from passersby who had witnessed the skydiving incident. Deputies rushed to the location, but were then escorted off the grounds by military personnel, who took over the scene for jurisdictional reasons.

A official from the Naval Special Warfare Public Affairs Office said that the two men were doing routine military free-fall training at the USSOCOM Parachute Testing and Training Facility when the accident happened.

Both SEALs were transported by emergency personnel to the University of Arizona Medical Center. Their medical conditions are yet unknown to the public, and officials from the hospital stated that they were not authorized to release any information on the servicemen.

Officials have stated that the exact cause of the crash is to be determined by an investigation. 

Pinal County Sheriff's Office deputies went to an incident

The names of the two servicemen have not been released, and will be withheld until their families have been notified first.

As an Arizona accident lawyer, you see that even when operated by the most skilled of individuals, things can go wrong in what seems like an routine activity.

Our U.S. Special Forces are the prime example of this, and it seems logical to me that the problem was more likely due to a mechanical error than a human one. As always, an investigation will help to identify the cause.

Our Phoenix accident law firm hopes for the speedy and full recover of the two servicement who were injured in this incident.

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