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Fatal Arizona Accident, Tempe Semi Rolls, Catches Fire on I-10

Early this Thursday morning in Tempe, Arizona, the driver of a semi truck was killed in an accident and fire, which occurred on the Interstate 10.

The crash took place just before 5:30 a.m., on the Broadway Curve of the I-10, near Southern Avenue.

Arizona Department of Public spokesman Carrick Cook stated that the collision happened when the driver of the semi lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the median wall, which sent debris into the other side of the roadway, striking two vehicles.

The cargo area on its side and the cab at a rest over the median wall and on the other opposite side of the freeway, a third vehicle then struck the downed semi's tractor-trailer. As many as five vehicles in total, including the semi, were involved.

The semi caught on fire, likely fueled by its cargo of what is thought to be clothes and textiles. Firefighters fought for around an hour to put out the flames.

Cook described the crash scene as chaotic, and confirmed that the driver of the semi, who identity was not given, died from his injuries.

When asked what caused the devastating crash to happen, Cook said:

"That's an answer we probably won't have, merely because the driver of the semi is dead."

He stated that several other individuals were injured in the collisions, though they apparently suffered only minor injuries. 

As an Phoenix accident lawyer, it is always so sad to read about these kinds of stories that result in the loss of life.

It is not exactly known at this time what caused semi truck driver to lose control of the vehicle, and an investigation may likely be able to determine some contributing factors.

Our accident law firm in Phoenix offers our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the individual who perished in this wreck.

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dont assume the trucker was at fault, there might be other factors.Im a retired trucker, I saw it happen on my way into phoenix this morning.

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