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AZ Accident/Police Chase Suspect Runs from Hospital Days Later

On Friday, a man who was the suspect in a police chase though Kingman in January that ended in a car accident left a Kingman hospital against the medical advice from his physicians, and is now a wanted man by authorities.

On January 28, police spotted Jack Lagerwey's vehicle towing a trailer that had been reported as stolen and attempted to pull him over. Lagerwey sped away and a chase ensued, winding through eastern Kingman. Kingman Police Department officials then called off the pursuit as it became too dangerous because of traffic and the high speed that Lagerwey was traveling.

The suspect continued his flight, eventually turning onto Bank Street, where he attempted to run a red light at the intersection at Gordon Avenue, and slammed into a large truck.

Police did not have time to catch up with Lagerwey to apprehend him, as he was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Kingman police did not supervise Lagerwey at the hospital because it was considered a property crime.

Kingman police spokesman, Sergeant Bob Fisk, stated that had the suspect been implicated in a crime against a person, they would have supervised his stay at the hospital. He said that they would "catch him another day".

Lagerwey is now wanted for unlawful flight, possession of marijuana, possession of prescription-only drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

There have been no charges as of this time relating to the apparent theft of the trailer he was towing.

As a Phoenix accident lawyer, this is a wild story to read about. The fact that the man was not apprehended following the above-listed charges is surprising.

Police have not indicated how much of their resources will be aimed at catching the suspect, but it is likely that they will eventually succeed in finding and charging him with these crimes.

Our Arizona accident law firm will keep you updated on any new information relating to this incident.

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