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Arizona Plane Accident, Crash Kills 2 Near Casa Grand Airport

On Wednesday in Casa Grande, Arizona, a plane accident near the runway at Gasa Grande Municipal Airport took the lives of at least two individuals.

Casa Grande Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Jim Morgan stated that the twin-engine turboprop plane had crashed shortly after 11:30 a.m., just to the north of the runway.

Morgan said that the plane was traveling in an eastbound direction as it apparently attempted to make a landing. Witnesses reported seeing the plane making touch-and-goes on the runway, a maneuver used often in training exercises for pilots learning fly fixed-wing aircrafts that allows for many landings to be practiced in a short time. Morgan explained:

"The airplane made a sudden ascent and a sudden descent where it crashed." 

Federal Aviation Administation spokesman Ian Gregor reported that a fire ensued after the wreck that destroyed the aircraft. He stated that no one was seen evacuating the plane in that time.

Morgan revealed that the charred remains of two people were visible at the site of the crash, but that it was possible that more remains could be found upon further investigation.

Gregor also informed that the plane was registered to a Tuscon company, and tha the National Transportation Safety Board would be leading the investigation, which he added could take months to conclude.

Morgan said that it had been several years since a devastating accident like this occurred in Casa Grande.

Officials stated that several flight schools in the Phoenix area used the CGMA for training pilots, as it is often used as a halfway point between Tucson and Phoenix.

The airport was closed and would remain closed until the preliminary investigation can be carried out and the wreckage be cleared.

As an Arizona accident lawyer, it is terribly upsetting to see a story like this, where individuals lose their lives in a devastating crash.

The reason for the plane crashing is not yet clear, and a thorough investigation by the agencies involved will likely provide answers, though this process may take quite a while to conclude.

Our accident lawyers in Phoenix offer our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of those who lost their lives in this tragic occurrence.

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