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Arizona DUI Car Accident, San Tan Crash Injures 4, Woman Arrested

On Friday evening, a car accident involving a driver suspected of operating her vehicle while under the influence of alcohol took place, injuring four in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

Pinal County Sheriff's Office officials stated that the collision occurred just west of Kenworthy Road on Combs Road in San Tan Valley, when a minivan, being driven by a 51-year-old female, that was travelling eastbound collided with an SUV that was headed in the opposite direction. The SUV, being driven by 50-year-old Susan Jimenez, crossed over the raised center median and smashed through several cacti before causing the head-on collision.

PCSO spokesmen stated that the driver of the minivan, her 20-year-old male front seat passenger, and two children, both females and aged 7 and 10, were all hurt in the crash and were taken to hospitals in the region. None of their injuries are being described as non-life threatening at this point.

The suspect, Jimenez, also suffered non-life threatening injuries, and she was taken to the hospital as well. Before this however, she was helped by an off-duty nurse who was present at the scene and assisted Susan until emergency personnel arrived. The nurse found a bottle of Vodka in the SUV which she pointed out to police.

Police promptly checked her for signs of impairment and deemed that she was likely under the influence of alcohol, the deputies being able to smell it on her breath, among other obvious signs including the bottle found in her car.

As well, she did not have a valid Arizona Driver License, her privilege being revoked after an Aggravated DUI conviction in Maricopa County in 1999.

PCSO Sheriff Paul Babeu stated:

"Cases like these are tragic reminders of what can happen when somebody gets behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol. Ms. Jimenez didn't get the message the last time she was convicted of Aggravated DUI. Hopefully she will understand this time how her actions almost cost four innocent people their lives."

Police took her into custody shortly after she was treated for her injuries at the hospital. She will face charges of Aggravated Assault, Endangerment, and DUI.

This is an extreme case of reckless behavior, and as a car accident lawyer in Phoenix, you can only hope that others will learn from hearing news of this accident and seeing how the Ms. Jimenez did not learn, as Sheriff Babeu put it.

You see too many drunk and impaired drivers on our roads, and they are creating devastating accidents on a daily basis.

Our Arizona DUI accident law firm hopes for the speedy and full recovery for those victims who were injured and we will update you with new information as it unfolds.

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