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Arizona Car Accident Kills Pregnant Woman, Newborn Baby Survives

On Wednesday in Chandler, Arizona, Wei Chu, a mother who was eight months pregnant died as a result of a car accident, after delivering her baby.

Chandler Police Department spokesman Seth Tyler informed that the expecting mother's 52-year-old father was operating a Honda Accord at the time of the crash, and was attempting to make a left turn at the busy intersection at Gilbert and Ocotillo Roads, when the vehicle was struck by an oncoming Ford F650 utility truck that was driving in the opposite direction.

Tyler revlead that Chu had been sitting in the back, directly behind her mother who was in the passenger's seat, when the devastating T-bone collision occured. Tyler stated:

"We're talking about a 20,000-plus pound truck and a maybe 3,000 pound car..And it hit her directly..It as a crummy situation."

Emergency personnel arrived on the scene shortly after the accident and noted that Chu's condition was rapidly declining. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was able to deliver her baby before passing away.

As of last Thursday, the child remained in critical condition in the hospital.

Along with her father and mother, Chu's 2-year-old son was also in the car. Chu's mother was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Her father and son were uninjured in the car wreck.

Tyler stated that speeding and impairment were not factors in this collision and that Chu's father would be cited for a misdemeanor traffic violation, but would not likely be going to jail. Tyler explained that it seemed to be purely accidental, but that the investigation would be ongoing.

As a Phoenix car accident attorney, you see tragic events like this occur quite frequently.

It is a reminder of the devastating damage that automobiles can inflict, especially when one or more is so big as the utility truck in this case was. Drivers must always be fully attentive while operating their vehicles.

Our Phoenix car accident law firm offers our thoughts and prayers to the family of the woman who died, and we wish for the speedy recovery of the newborn infant that miraculously survived the crash.

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