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Arizona Car Accident and Motorcycle Safety Ranked 6th Worst in US

Safety advocates from around the nation have stated that they have real concerns regarding the safety of Arizona's drivers when it comes to highway safety and preventing severe car accident injuries and deaths.

Their greatest concerns, they have said, revolve around the laws regarding motorcycle helmets and seat belts in cars.

It has been pointed out that Arizona is one of the few states that only has a secondary enforcement law pertaining to seat belts, meaning that police cannot pull you over for simply not wearing a safety belt.

In relation to motorcycle helmets, safety advocates argue that Arizona's policy of not requiring riders to wear helmets put those who go without in serious peril of devastating injury and death.

Because of these reasons, these advocates for auto and highway safety rank Arizona among the worst six states in the country for highway safety laws.

They claim that in 2011 alone, 97 lives could have been saved in the state had those victims been wearing seat belts. They further stated that 233 lives were in fact saved because of the safety devices.

Arizona is also one of the 15 states that has not put a complete ban on texting while driving, another hot issue with car safety advocates.

On the other hand, Arizona does rank among the strictest states for DUI laws, and is among the 17 states that currently require ignition interlock devices for all DUI offenders.

As a Phoenix accident injury attorney, you see how all of these factors play into the safety and health of our state's citizens on the roadway.

The difference between one who wearing a helmet on thier bike or wearing a seatbelt in their vehicle, and one who is not, can be the difference between life and death, in the event of a collision.

Our accident law firm in Phoenix hopes that we can pass further legislation to help keep our citizens safe on the roads.

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