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Phoenix Hit-and-Run Car Accident Leaves 1 Dead, Several Injured

On Saturday afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona, a suspected impaired driver was arrested in connection with the death of a man following a hit-and-run car accident, and a subsequent chase-ending crash.

Phoenix Police Department spokesman, Sergeant Tommy Thompson, stated that the initial accident occured when the victim, 66-year-old Jesus Jimenez, driving his Toyota Scion southbound on 19th Avenue near Northern Avenue, was rear-ended by a Nissan Altima being driven by 20-year-old Isaac Richard Quesada. Causing minor damage to both vehicles.

After the impact, Jimenez exited his vehicle and approached the Altima. Quesada took off on 19th Avenue in a southbound direction, catching Jimenez in the process and dragging him along.

Police said that Quesada's vehicle finally came to a stop after running a red light near Augusta Avenue, crashing into a Nissan Maxima carrying a 41-year-old woman, her 18-year-old daughter, and her daughter's infant child.

After this collision, Quesada and his female passenger fled on foot. Police revealed that witnesses grabbed Quesada and held him down until officers could take him into custody. Witness Boris Baybachayev described their heroic actions:

"They just tacked him right away, and he kept trying to get up and nobody let him get up."

The suspect was taken for treatment of his non-life threatening injuries. His female passenger escaped.

Jimenez sustained serious injuries from being dragged a couple hundred yards and the car wreck that followed. He was rushed to a hospital, where he died later that night.

The year-and-a-half-old baby in the Maxima was as well taken to a hospital to be treated for minor lacerations to the face, and has been described as being in stable condition.

Sgt. Thompson revealed that Quesada was impaired at the time of the incidents, and court documents revealed him to have had a blood alocohol level of 0.237, as well as having marijuana and cocaine in his system. Police also found an open container of beer in the front passenger seat of the suspect's vehicle.

Quesada was book into jail after being released from the hospital, and is now being charged with nine counts which include one count of manslaughter, the remaining counts for aggravated assault, hit-and-run, and endangerment.

The investigation is ongoing.

This is a terrible story to hear about, and as a Phoenix car accident attorney, you see similar occurances far too often.

It is, to most of us, unthinkable that one could drive off in his or her vehicle with someone stuck and dangling out of their vehicle's window. 

Police revealed that the suspect was very likely impaired, drivers must realize that it is never understandable to drive impaired.

Our Phoenix accident law firm offers our condolences to the victim who was killed.

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