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Car Accident Death Fall Treated as Homicide by Tucson Police

On Monday, Tucson Police Department officials announced that they are treating the investigation of a woman who died in a car accident death fall in Tucson, Arizona as a homicide.

Sergeant Maria Hawke, a Tucson police spokeswoman, stated that 50-year-old woman, Anne Marie Levin, died on Saturday from the injuries she sustained after she was ejected from a moving vehicle near the intersection of West Glenn Street and North Oracle Road. The victim's 24-year-old son was driving at the time of the freak car accident. 

Sgt. Hawke, in a statement, said that detectives on the case are treating the investigation as a homicide because they see the possibility that, rather than falling out, Levin could have been pushed out of the vehicle.

Making it more suspicious is that the woman and her son were reportedly seen arguing at a nearby convenience store before getting into their vehicle, shortly before her death.

Hawke futher stated that the victim and her son may have also been under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both while travelling in and driving the car.

The name of the driver was not released and Hawke said that he has not been arrested or charged at this time.

As a Phoenix car accident lawyer, as well as a former criminal defense attorney, this incident does seem suspicious of foul play. Because we don't have all of the facts, however, we must not jump to conclusions without first being able to see the evidence. As Phoenix wrongful death attorney, I wonder whether or there would be the possibility of a wrongful death claim in the future.

We will follow this story as it unfolds.

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